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This review is a republished article by a former polaris operative.  It gives an excellent insight into what the "awards" really mean.

Polaris Global Review: Credibility and Scam Assessment

Polaris Global claims to have won a number of prestigious awards for their product, Beyond Freedom Evolution. I should have done this before I started doing business with them. But better late than never, so here's a breakdown of the awards listed on its home page and an assessment of how credible each is from the information on the Internet.

1. Learning! 100 Awards for Beyond Freedom Evolution (BFE)

From Polaris Global: An international awards program honoring top learning organizations by recognizing their learning culture, innovation and organizational performance. 

- Google search entries: < 4000, mainstream news agency referrals : 0
- Awarded by: 2elearning - a no-name company with a mere reference of 28400 on Google search result page.

The fact that none of the mainstream media reports about the winners of this award (except Polaris Global and cos) or the event in which the recipients receive the award (if any) should raise serious questions on its credibility. Sadly this has been used far too often in advertisements by new recruitments at Polaris Global. They associate names of the Forbes 500 companies such as IBM and Google to get people jump on the bandwagon. However I have never seen any association from these companies with the awards in any way.

2.  Telly Award - A self-nominated and paid-for award

From Polaris Global: An international award for excellence in specified disciplines. Winners are typically chosen from over 13000 entries worldwide. 'Beyond Freedom Evolution' was a recipient of the 2010 Telly in the Education category. 

- Google search entries: 310,000
- Entries for this award is self-nominated. There is no set limit to the number of winners, but there could be thousands per year. The statue prizes are paid for by the winners using engraved information chosen by the recipient

So this is a self-nominated and self-paid 'award'. In my opinion, no self-respecting and proud company would make up or purchase some artificial award and use it in the marketing of it products. Polaris Global fails!

3. Remi Award 

From Polaris GlobalThe seminal award from WorldFest, founded 50 years ago as Cinema Arts, an International Film Society. WorldFest is the oldest Independent Film & Video Festival in the World. Unbeaten was a recipient of the 2010 Remi Award in the Documentary Category.

- Google search entries: 54,700
- Number of winners in 2010: 706. Number of categories: > 10. The documentary film 'Unbeaten' was in the Remi Bronze, which is among the lowest category. 

So there you have it. There were claims of other awards but need me go more into details of these? Having watched the 'Beyond Freedom Evolution' myself I have to say it is garbage and I would be surprised if any of their awards have some real authenticity. That was the reason I quit their business; I couldn't convince myself that BFE is useful for people.


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