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New name same crap for "Prosperity of Life"

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Is Polaris Global Marketing a pyramid scam?

There is a well known old saying in the MLM industry, "If you have to ask whether the business opportunity is a pyramid scam, then it definitely is". 
A pyramid scam exists when most of the income generated comes from new people entering the business rather than from sales of any products to genuine consumers not involved in the company. You only have to look at some of the Polaris Global clone websites to realise that they are selling dreams of big "executive" incomes rather than the products produced by Polaris.
 Have a look at which is run by a nice looking lady from Melbourne. She claims you can  1. Work from home. 2. Be your own boss. 3. Have freedom and flexibility. 4. Have financial freedom. The business "opportunity" takes precedence over any retail product that Polaris Global offers.
Polaris Global claims that it actually has products for sale to the general public, namely it's Beyond Freedom course and it's confe…

Super Saturday. Surfers Paradise Marriott. HaHa

The scammers from Polaris Global are at it again.
The rump of Polaris Global is having a super Saturday at the Marriott in Surfers on April 16th. The usual suspects, namely Simon Haggerd, Kara Wrong, Aleson Wheelor, Simone Buddy, Leeann Fartlett and last but not least Pauline Smalloran will be trying to part the suckers from their money with the promise of easy cash for little effort. 
Claims like "earn 100K online at home", will be made. Lies will be told. And if you part with your money, you can kiss it goodbye. It looks as if the Kirders cannot afford the airfare, or more likely the rage of past investors, to be bothered attending the event.
Please don't get caught up in the hype. Keep your wallets in your pockets and run a mile from these leeches.

Polaris Global in Ireland BEWARE

Polaris Global has for the past few years focused most of it's efforts on Australia. This is of course due to the influence of the former Miss Rachel Oliver now the current Mrs. Shane Krider. She is an ex Herbalife distributor in the Gold Coast area of Queensland which is well known for being the home of all types of scams and nefarious get rich quick schemes.
One of Rachel's recruits, one Lee Anne Bartlett, has for one reason or another decided to try to fleece some Irish people. Apparently Bartlett and the Kriders will be in Dublin on December 16 at the Clyde Court Hotel in Ballsbridge. They of course will be promising that you will make tons of money by following their "system". You will only have to buy their silly self development "course" for around $2500, then go on a cruise which will cost thousands more than you would normally pay, all the while paying through the nose for monthly expenses like a crappy website and lead generation.

Greg Strom and even more scientology woo

Polaris global is attempting a rebranding of their flagship course, Beyond Freedom Evolution. Greg Strom, who is the main sidekick of rabid $cientologist Shane Krider has created a new website called the "mile that matters" and in it he tries to lure people into what he calls the pathway programme which is really just a crude rehashing of the failed BFE programme. This of course is to try to extract thousands of dollars from those he is trying to persuade that they too can on sell the programme in typical pyramid scam fashion.

Strom uses a series of podcasts to try to motivate those who have not parted with their cash into a position where they can be fleeced just like dozens of others throughout Australia and other English speaking countries. The podcasts are delivered in a boring monotone and attempt to use what scientists call "woo" or pseudo-scientific rubbish to give an impression of reasoned authority to what is actually just rubbish. Strom uses terms such as …
Polaris Global moves closer to their $cientology masters.I couldn't believe the latest post on the polaris global facebook page.--"Shane Krider speaking to attendees of Influence Live 2014 in Denver, Colorado. Fantastic content on the cutting edge of science, quantum physics, the holographic universe, energy fields and vibration"  We really are getting into the pseudo science claptrap as preached by L. Ron Hubbard founder of the $cientology cult. I pity the poor few suckers who paid their hard earned cash to listen to such rubbish. The event was held in Krider's own living room, a far cry from the upmarket venues of past times. The few attendees (suckers) didn't include some of the former "top earners" and "six figure earners", who fleeced the gullible in Australia for the past couple of years. I suspect they are in hiding, especially the likes of Pauline O'Halloran and Bettina Evert in Melbourne.I sincerely doubt if Krider knows anyt…
Polaris Global's new "award" Here I review the new "award" and check on some of the "business owners" Polaris global has claimed a new "award". It's called the Leadership 500 excellence award, and guess what??  Nobody has ever heard of it. Shane Kirder probably sent a cheque for $50 to China and someone sent him a plastic plaque in return. Kirder's bosses at the church of $cientology love presenting themselves with awards so I'm sure that's where he get's his ideas from.
I notice that the Melbourne crew of Pauline O'Smalloran with her sidekicks Lenn MacFarlane Smuth and Bettina Everest have gotten very quiet lately. Maybe they are worried about someone from the dept. of fair trading knocking on the door some night accompanied by some of the investors who have failed to reach the heights they were promised. Fifi Corsair is still plugging away but just paying for the Krider's lifestyle with her few dollars every m…