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Polaris Global Costs

Polaris Global Review: The actual costs

NewRichMarketer was an early distributor for Polaris Global which was formerly known as Liberty League. From experience over quite a long time the costs associated with the company overwhelmed any income generated. See what you think of their experience.

Polaris Global Review: Is Polaris Global one of the most expensive online businesses?

Every business costs money. This is the single most important fact to keep in mind whenever you intend to start a business. Experienced entrepreneurs even suggest to add 25 percent to your initial calculation to make sure that you are in a good financial position in the early stage of your business.

With Polaris Global, I have found that it is hard for people to project the real expenditure that is going to take to keep your business running before you make a profit. This is the problem with Polaris Global and most other MLM programs. If you don’t do your due diligence, it is going to cost you dear. Sometimes you might be too excited by the promise of the potential huge income that you allow yourself to slip away from your duty as a business owner. Some other times, it’s just that they want to hide it from you and you may not realize the hidden expenses unless you pay deep attention.

Costs of a Polaris Global business

So here’s a breakdown of the least minimum amount of investment that you have to budget for a ‘business’ with Polaris Global (the price is listed in AUD, which is approximately the same as USD).
One time investment:
- Beyond Freedom Evolution (BFE) package payment: $2309.65
Monthly subscription:
- Distributor start-up kit and remaining activated: $48.21
- Direct Line System: $31.85
- Lead Management Subscription: $28.91

You have to buy BFE to become activated

Theoretically, they say that you *only* need $48.21 to become a distributor. But this start-up kit does not entitle you for any retailing profit, i.e., even if you are able to sell BFE to customers, you are not earning a single penny of commission. I once put up the information on my website that initial investment is around $2500 and was requested by the company to take it down for exactly the reason that I just explained. So all people that enroll in their business also have to purchase BFE to make income.

In their compensation plan, you need to become activated before you could earn any profit. This complicated compensation plan is only touched upon in the overview webinar so I encourage anyone that would like to start to review other materials on their website before making a decision. I’ll have a post on their compensation plan another day.

Monthly subscriptions

Now, the Direct line system is a monthly subscription that let you tap into their conference call every weekday; each call lasts for about one hour. And the Lead management subscription is a website that let you manage your leads (prospects). What you can do with that system is to add lead to specific categories and their autoresponder will send emails (many!) to leads in depending to the category that you put them into.

Polaris Global: other hidden costs

- Domain and website: if you are serious, as they say, you need a domain and a hosting service for your website. If you have skills with IT, if may purchase your domain with GoDaddy which costs about $10 a year. What other people in PG do, however, is to get the whole package from one of their partner, which costs more than $100 one time + $20 monthly.
- Internet and phone plan: the business is all about calling prospects, so you have to get a good phone calling plan and Internet data plan to manage your phone cost effectively. Some people have unlimited subscription for about $99 per month + miscellaneous. If you make international calls, expect more charge.
- Advertisement: this is also an online business and you are going to spend a lot of time and money for advertisement. Free job boards simply won’t be enough. So paid advertising in job boards and search engine will take another $20 or much more out of your pocket money.

So to sum up, expect a one time investment of $2309 + $100 = $2400 and monthly on-going subscription of around $200 and potentially more if you are new to the Internet business world. But there are more subtleties about the actual cost that requires to your hope of getting near your promised or imagined income.


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