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Is Polaris Global Marketing a pyramid scam?

There is a well known old saying in the MLM industry, "If you have to ask whether the business opportunity is a pyramid scam, then it definitely is". 

A pyramid scam exists when most of the income generated comes from new people entering the business rather than from sales of any products to genuine consumers not involved in the company. You only have to look at some of the Polaris Global clone websites to realise that they are selling dreams of big "executive" incomes rather than the products produced by Polaris.

 Have a look at which is run by a nice looking lady from Melbourne. She claims you can
 1. Work from home.
2. Be your own boss.
3. Have freedom and flexibility.
4. Have financial freedom.
The business "opportunity" takes precedence over any retail product that Polaris Global offers.

Polaris Global claims that it actually has products for sale to the general public, namely it's Beyond Freedom course and it's conferences and events. A quote from Alex Bender who was with Polaris for a number of years without ever making any money shows that the products are a sham. "In all honesty I don't know of anyone outside Polaris distributors that went to any events (besides my mum who I brought to a Foundation Live event in Sydney because I had a spare ticket)."

When the only consumers of the product are those involved in the business you are definitely dealing with a pyramid scam. So folks, BEWARE, do not give your money to scammers because if you do you can kiss it goodbye.

As of the end of August 2016, there are only a few serious players involved with Polaris Global.
Lynn M-S, Belinda E, Di M, Catherine H, Jo H, and many others have crashed and burned just like Alex Bender. Those still involved in Australia include Alison Wheeler, Simon Haggard, Adam Bude, all in the scammers paradise of Queensland. Pauline O'Halloran in Victoria and Alex Ford in WA.
Of course the Kriders, Shane and Rachel (née Oliver), oversee the whole enterprise from America.  Shane was one of the chief scammers in the Liberty League con, which fleeced the gullible in the USA for a few years before ditching his wife for the Aussie Rachel and transferring the scam to Australia.

Please comment if you have had any dealings with Polaris Global. I would be delighted to hear your experiences - good or bad.


  1. I have been researching this company and I am so grateful to the people that have spoke up on so many websites so people like me won't be scammed. The problem that really hits home; they are using Nature's Universal Laws to promote their business. if they know anything about these Laws, watch out for the Law of Cause & Effect (Karma). You can't keep taking advantage of people that are in lack or scarcity or believe what you are telling them without consequences.

    1. Thanks Terri. Luckily quite a few people are prepared to warn others about these scammers.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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