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Greg Strom and even more scientology woo

Polaris global is attempting a rebranding of their flagship course, Beyond Freedom Evolution. Greg Strom, who is the main sidekick of rabid $cientologist Shane Krider has created a new website called the "mile that matters" and in it he tries to lure people into what he calls the pathway programme which is really just a crude rehashing of the failed BFE programme. This of course is to try to extract thousands of dollars from those he is trying to persuade that they too can on sell the programme in typical pyramid scam fashion.

Strom uses a series of podcasts to try to motivate those who have not parted with their cash into a position where they can be fleeced just like dozens of others throughout Australia and other English speaking countries. The podcasts are delivered in a boring monotone and attempt to use what scientists call "woo" or pseudo-scientific rubbish to give an impression of reasoned authority to what is actually just rubbish. Strom uses terms such as zero point field and universal creator and tries to convince the listener that their lives are controlled by "vibrations".   All very reminiscent of the $cientology cult with which polaris global has been shown to be closely alligned since it changed it's name from the totally discredited Liberty league.

A disturbing further link between polaris and $cientology is the fact that Strom has created what he terms "the mile that matters army". This is just a blatant copy of $cientology's "sea org", in which those who have paid large sums of money into the cult get to dress up in navy uniforms and pretend that they are part of some imaginary military organisation. Sounds like Strom and Krider would like to emulate their hero David Miscavige who addresses his loyal suckers dressed like some fantasy admiral. "General" Strom, "Field Marshall" Krider,  I bet they lie awake at night fantasising about dressing up and bossing their minions around.

And finally all this comes from the same Greg Strom who was described on the "Behind MLM" blog as sinking " polaris global's ethics to a new low".

So as always, keep your hands on your wallets and purses, because there are lots of scammers out there willing to part you from your hard earned.


  1. I watched the videos out of natural curiosity, one point Rachel goes.. its easy just click, click and your up and running like a legitimate business..... I was like.. so this isn't a legitimate business then..!!? Click gone. Forget that! Glad I didn't get sucked in..

  2. Rachie is pretty good at sucking them in with her promises of a "six figure income". Even Rachie herself doesn't make a decent income anymore, it's all froth and bubbles with no substance. I have to laugh at Haggard, Wheeler and even the Greig woman's claims about their fabulous lifestyles, complete fantasy of course, but they can lie through their teet til the cows come home in the hope catching a few gullible people.


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