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Polaris Global's new "award"

Here I review the new "award" and check on some of the "business owners"

Polaris global has claimed a new "award". It's called the Leadership 500 excellence award, and guess what??  Nobody has ever heard of it. Shane Kirder probably sent a cheque for $50 to China and someone sent him a plastic plaque in return. Kirder's bosses at the church of $cientology love presenting themselves with awards so I'm sure that's where he get's his ideas from.

I notice that the Melbourne crew of Pauline O'Smalloran with her sidekicks Lenn MacFarlane Smuth and Bettina Everest have gotten very quiet lately. Maybe they are worried about someone from the dept. of fair trading knocking on the door some night accompanied by some of the investors who have failed to reach the heights they were promised. Fifi Corsair is still plugging away but just paying for the Krider's lifestyle with her few dollars every month. Frazier Yandell is crying himself to sleep every night boo hoo. Will they never learn?

The Queensland bunch including L Ron Haggard and his new squeeze Kara Wrong, the Wheelers and Kristy Maler cannot help themselves. They are so used to telling porkie pies that they cannot do anything else for a living. Pat McKloskey in Yeppoonn seems to be throwing more good money away. God know's why since the likes of Di Martin, Alex Ford in perth, Debbie Tranter in Melbourne, Corinna Kinsmore etc have departed with their tails between their legs and their bank balances in tatters.

So the lesson for all is. Keep a tight hold on your wallets and purses folks and do not believe the $cientology lies


  1. Haha good story. I'm Alex Ford Acevedo :) I haven't gone anywhere... I'm still here. Polaris has changed my life, I'm so grateful for it, and am helping others do the same.

    Polaris is not scientologist. If it were, I wouldn't be here because personally I'm a Christian. But Christianity isn't a part of my business. And if Shane Krider chooses to be a scientologist, then that's his personal decision.

  2. HaHa to you too Alex. Any company that promotes the fact that it has gotten a "leadership 500" should be laughed at too. Would you go to a doctor with a degree from the Osama Bin Laden university? Would you let your child be taught by a teacher with their DipEd from the College of crapology.
    You and other polaris lackeys seem prepared to lie to recruits about the amount of money you can make in the polaris scäm, so as I said earlier......keep a tight hold on you wallets because there is a sucker born every day.

    1. I understand you're trying to help people and I really appreciate that. Not many people are willing to put the energy into helping others like you are and for as long as you have... I'll give you that.

      But what you're saying is just silly and over the top.

      Would you expect your child to learn how to be financially wealthy from a school teacher or university lecturer who are only employees themselves? Or would you go to a financial adviser to learn how to create wealth when they themselves look rich but are probably in a lot of debt?
      I'd rather learn from someone who has already created the results as the formal education system doesn't really teach much to do with money. They teach you to get a job, be a slave to someone who's dreams you're building, and retire at 60 with hardly any money to actually live and enjoy your life.

      You'll find Leadership 100 award here:

      Why would GE and NCR corporations enter to run for the award if it were someone in china sending them a plastic plaque?

      The awards aren't the be all and end off for the products. They're just some nice recognitions.

      When people enquire about the business and want to know more about the products, I'll honestly tell them more about it, show them through the product, and explain how I've used it to turn my life around 180 degrees. No BS. One of my highest values is integrity.

      Only thing is I'm looking for people I feel I can work with. The business isn't for everyone.

      That's my perspective. No one has to join Polaris if they don't want. I just know I did, and I'm so glad I did.

      Glad we could have this small conversation.

      God bless you Sillery :)

    2. Hi Alex
      Im really looking for clarity. When you said you are a Christian can you please explain to me what you mean? People say they are a Christian quiet flippantly. What is your version of Christian?

  3. GE promoting Leadership 100:

    Leadership 100 speakers include President Bill Clinton and Ken Blanchard (successful business person):

    Maybe it's just that Bill and Ken like speaking to a chinese audience of one? That would definitely be funny... but it's not the case.

    That's why at Polaris one of the key principles we teach is for people to do their own research in anything and come up with their own conclusion instead of just believing what someone else tells you to believe.

    There's freedom in knowing that you're in control of your own life in every aspect (not just financially).

  4. Bill Clinton and Ken Blanchard spoke at the Manufacturing Leadership 100 awards. They had nothing to do with polaris and its plastic Chinese award. Polaris claims to have won a number of other "awards" such as the "telly" and "remi" all of which have been researched by "newrichmarketer" and shown to be bogus.

  5. By the way, the polaris "award" is called the leadership 500 award. Anybody can buy one. Bill Clinton spoke at the Manufacturing Leadership 100 ceremony which is actually a real award ceremony, with awards by and for reputable companies. Sounds like Alex needs to ask some questions of his church of $cientology buddies Krider and Strom.

  6. Leaning 100 details here:

    I got no issue with the church of scientology. Just like I have no issue with the muslim church or buddhists or jews or the Sillery McGreery church.

    I have my own beliefs and believe that everyone else is entitled to their own beliefs and philosophies also.

  7. Sorry Alex, but for someone involved with polaris you seem mightily uninformed about their most recent "award". It is called "the Leadership 500 award", and it is bogus. It has nothing to do with the manufacturing leadership 100 award or the learning 100 award. In true $cientology fashion Krider and Strom give themselves these crap awards. Bit like the doctorates all those Americal evangelical preachers award themselves ......not worth a dime really except when you are trying to part the gullible from their cash.

    1. If you looked at the very first link I posted you'll see that it's a legitimate award.

      Link again:

      If you scroll to the bottom you'll see Debbie's contact details so you can call her to see if it's a legitimate award.

      There's also a link to the Leadership 500 website which includes the speakers we were talking about. is a top leadership website.

      I think we both confused ourselves a little with the 100/500 awards thing. But it seems like you're just one sided and somewhat close minded.

      So I'll leave it here.

      Take care McGreery!

    2. The first link you posted was for an award which polaris global most definitely din NOT win. As I have said previously, all the polaris awards are bogus, self nominated and paid for awards which no legitimate company would claim to have won.

  8. Sillery you have done nothing but come across disrespectful and ignorant. To shame other peoples belief is not only rude and racist but worst of all petty. One thing this whole package teaches is how to not blame others for your failures and to stop holding grudges- forgive and forget etc. What might not work for you might work for others. To call it a scam is brutal as we all know and you have admitted yourself that there IS successful people who know exactly what they are buying into before hand. I was told more than once that this isnt a get rich quick scheme. You obviously cant forgive and still hold bad vibrations thats why you cant succeed in life. Time to forgive and move on. the past is the past. There is success with this model wether you like it or not. Ps I was unsure hence the fact I am on this ite but you have convinced me other wise with what only seems like a bitter attack rather than a fact finding mission.

    I wish you all the best moving forward

  9. I am extremely happy to be disrespectful to any con artists associated with the cult of $cientology.


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